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Birthday Parties

Want a memorable birthday for your child without the hassle of set-up, clean-up, dealing with the "always late" bounce house guy or other Pinterest fail entertainment ideas and having a house full of kids running around, terrorizing the dog/cat, and leaving food behind the couch (that you won't find until it starts rotting)? Look no further and book your child's next birthday at Gymtegrity! Our safe and fun-filled gym is the perfect location for a structured but high-energy event.

About Our Parties


Parties are designed for birthday children turning 2 up to age 12.


The 1st hour of the party is held in the gym for participating guests. The last 30 minutes will be spent in the party room for refreshments.


Standard and all-inclusive party set-up packages are available! You may bring in additional decorations along with refreshments for the party room. 


The answer for this is endless! So we will keep it simple and say FUN for the kids, sanity for the parents!  


Parties are held:

Saturday 3:00-4:30PM

Sundays 1-2:30PM



Email: to reserve your date and $100 deposit will be charged through the parent portal


Standard Party

Bring Your Own Decorations & Tableware

(Table Cloth Included)

Set-Up and Clean by Party Staff

One hour of gym time, led by party staff, with half-hour in the party room for food and drink

  • Games & Obstacle Courses

  • Bounce Slide

  • Trampoline & Tumble Track

  • Cargo Net Over Pit

Additional guests from 11-17 will be $70

Guests of 18 or more will be $10/ Child


UpgradeYour Party

  Birthday Party-Themed Decorations & Tableware to Include:

  • Themed Decoration

  • Plates

  • Napkins

  • Cups

  • Plastic Utensils

  • Birthday T-Shirt for Honoree

Additional guests from 11-17 will be $85.

Guests of 18 or more will be $15/Child

Party FAQs

  • When is final payment due for the party?
    The remaining balance for your party is due 1 week prior to the party date. If you will have additional guests over the included 12, payment for each additional guest is also due 1 week prior.
  • What if I have a special request for the party such as a special activity, larger guest count, or extended time period?"
    Custom parties and events can be arranged given the appropriate notice to accommodate for staffing and ensure there are no other schedule conflicts. We would love to work with you to help you create what you have in mind! Contact us directly to make any special arrangements.
  • What is your policy on rescheduling parties?
    Based on days prior to party: 30+ days: Free Rescheduling - Dates and times subject to availability 14+ days: $50 Rescheduling Fee - Dates and times subject to availability Less than 14 days: No Rescheduling
  • What is your cancellation & refund policy on parties?
    If you change your mind about your reservation and would like to cancel your party we offer the following options for refunds based on days prior to the party the notice is received: 90+ days: Full refund 60+ days: Refund of 1/2 of deposit ($50) & all other payments 30+ days: No refund of $100 deposit, but all other payments will be refunded Less than 30 days: No refunds
  • What if we have a last minute illness or family emergency and can no longer have our party?
    We understand unexpected illnesses and events do occur with children! Please contact our office as soon as possible in the event of an illness or emergency, so we can work with you to make arrangements.
  • When should everyone arrive for the party?
    Birthday family, please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the party to set-up party area, go over party rules, and any questions you may have. Birthday guests are asked to arrive 5 minutes before the start of the party to ensure waivers are signed and turned into staff.
  • What can we bring to the party?
    Feel free to bring refreshments such as snacks for the guests waiting during gym time, cake, and beverages (please, no alcohol). Don’t forget to bring candles, a lighter, serving ware, and place settings (plates, cups, napkins, and utensils) if you did not choose one of our all-inclusive set-ups (or additional for guests not in your guest count). You can also bring additional decorations to decorate for a custom theme! You will have plenty of time to set-up while the children are in the gym.
  • Are adult beverages allowed at birthday parties at Gymtegrity?
    No, Gymtegrity is a family-friendly facility and does not allow the consumption of alcohol on the premises. Our focus is on promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for people of all ages, including children who may be attending birthday parties. We strive to create a positive and wholesome environment for our members and guests, and as such, we do not permit the consumption of alcohol during events or parties held at our facility. Thank you for understanding and for supporting our commitment to health and wellness.
  • How should participants dress for the gym activities?
    Leotards are great if your child has one and will wear it, but they are not required. We highly recommend more fitted athletic attire without belts, zippers, buttons, hoods, or skirts for the activities. T-shirts and shorts or sweatpants are acceptable, but please ensure they are not too baggy and not a tripping hazard. No shoes are permitted inside of the gym area. If a child has longer hair, we recommend it is tied back away from the face for safety reasons. Please remove all jewelry prior to coming to the party. Small stud earrings are okay.
  • Do parents of party guests have to stay?
    Any participant 3 years old and younger must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times. Participating party guests over the age of 4 may be dropped off. Any non-participating party guests under the age of 18 must be under adult supervision for the duration of the party.
  • Can I have other guests at the party?
    Any parents, grandparents, other siblings, family members, and friends are more than welcome to come to the party and are not included in the guest count. However, any non-participants are not allowed in the gym. Guests may watch from the viewing area or remain in the party room for the duration of the gym time activities. For upgraded parties we only provide goodie bags for participating guests. If you have chosen an all-inclusive set-up package, please be advised that place settings are only provided for the participating guests.
  • Who is allowed in the gym area during the party?
    Only participating children between 18 months and 12 years old with a waiver signed by a parent/guardian and turned into staff are allowed inside the gym area. Only the parents/guardians of the birthday child are permitted inside of the gym area for children ages 3 to 12 years. No child under 18 months is permitted inside of the gym. Children between 18 months and 3 years require a parent/guardian inside the gym to assist the child during the party and must remain within arm's reach. A photographer or videographer may be permitted in the gym area as long as s/he is not a safety distraction.
  • Can parents participate in gym activities?
    Due to our insurance policy, absolutely no adults are allowed on the gym equipment.
  • Can we take food or drinks in the gym area?
    Absolutely no food or drinks are permitted inside of the gym area.
  • Can we stay in the gym area longer or go back in the gym area if we finish in the party room early?
    For the safety of our party participants, we cannot allow participants additional gym time over the first hour or to return to the gym during the designated party room time as our instructors are not available to be in the gym to supervise. Party instructors will lead the activities inside the gym during the first hour. They are available to assist you in the party room the last half hour and to begin the clean-up process.
  • When do we need to leave?
    All parties must exit within the designated party time. Don't worry, clean-up is on us!
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