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Competitive Programs

About Our Teams

We offer a variety of positive competitive experiences for our gymnasts to meet their individual needs based on skill level and desired level of commitment. Our XCEL and Jr. Olympic programs in artistic gymnastics for girls and boys ensure the perfect balance for every athlete and their families. All competitive programs require year-round practices with additional camps, clinics, and competitions. Our athletes learn more than gymnastics during the countless hours at the gym. We strive to cultivate strong, confident, and passionate individuals who support each other through teamwork. They develop a strong work ethic and goal setting skills that will aid them throughout their lives.

Women's XCEL Program

About Our Women's XCEL Team

The XCEL Program was designed to offer a less intensive competitive experience.

  • 5 Levels of Competition

  • Great for Gymnasts in other Sports/Activities

  • Fewer Practice Hours & Competitions

  • Spring Competitions

  • Budget Friendly

Women's XCEL Levels

XCEL Pre-Team

Minimum Age: 5

Practices: 3 hrs/wk


Minimum Age: 5

Skills: DP Level 1 & 2

Practices: 8.5+ hrs/wk


Minimum Age: 6

Skills: JP Level 3

Practices: 8.5+ hrs/wk


Minimum Age: 7

Skills: DP Level 4

Practices: 11.5+ hrs/wk


Minimum Age: 8

Skills: DP Level 4/5

Practices: 11.5+ hrs/wk


Minimum Age: 9

Skills: DP Level 6/7

Practices: 11.5+ hrs/wk

Women's Developmental Program (DP)

About Our Women's DP Teams

Developmental (DP) Compulsory Program:

The Compulsory levels are the introductory competitive levels for the Developmental Program. Set routines are learned for each event to ensure mastery of skills and safe progression.

  • Levels 2-5

  • 5-7 Local and In-State Competitions

  • Fall Competitions

  • The goal of Advancing to Optional Levels


Developmental (DP) Optional Program:

The Optional levels are the advanced levels for the Developmental Program. Unique routines are developed for gymnasts for each event based upon their individual skills to highlight their strengths in accordance with level requirements.

  • Levels 6-10

  • 5-8 Local and Nationwide Competitions

  • Competition Season from January to April

  • Possible Goals Include:

    • College Scholarship

Women's DP Compulsory Levels


Minimum Age: 4

Practices: 3 hrs/wk

Level 2

Minimum Age: 4

Practices: 5-6 hrs/wk

Level 3

Minimum Age: 4

Practices: 7-10 hrs/wk

Level 4

Minimum Age: 4

Practices: 12-14 hrs/wk

Level 5

Minimum Age: 4

Practices: 14-16 hrs/wk

Women's DP Optional Levels

Level 6

Minimum Age: 7

Practices: 19-23 hrs/wk

Level 7

Minimum Age: 7

Practices: 20-27 hrs/wk

Level 8

Minimum Age: 8

Practices: 24-27 hrs/wk

Level 9

Minimum Age: 8

Practices:  26-32 hrs/wk

Level 10

Minimum Age: 9

Practices:  26-32 hrs/wk

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