Kids' Night Out

Upcoming Kids' Night Out

Our Valentine's Kids' Night Out has been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing you next time!


Need a date night or simply a break? Send your child to us for Kids' Night Out!

About Our Kids' Night Outs

Kids' Night Out FAQs

When is payment due for KNOs?

Due to the limited number of spots available for Kids’ Night Out, payment is due at the time of sign-up.

What is your refund/transfer policy on KNOs?

If you change your mind about your reservation or can no longer attend, we offer the following options for refunds/transfers: 30+ days prior to KNO: Full refund, transfer to another night, or transfer KNO reservation to another person Less than 30 days prior to KNO: No refunds or transfers to another night; We gladly allow transfers of KNO reservations until event start time.

What if we have a last minute illness or family emergency and can no longer attend?

We understand unexpected illnesses and events do occur with children! Please contact our office as soon as possible in the event of an illness or emergency, so we can work with you to make arrangements.

How should my child dress for KNOs?

  • Leotards are great if your child has one and will wear it, but they are not required.
  • We highly recommend more fitted athletic attire without belts, zippers, buttons, hoods, or skirts for the activities. T-shirts and shorts or sweatpants are acceptable, but please ensure they are not too baggy and not a tripping hazard.
  • No shoes are permitted inside of the gym area.
  • If a child has longer hair, we recommend it is tied back away from the face for safety reasons.
  • Please remove all jewelry prior to coming to KNOs. Small stud earrings are okay.

What should my child bring or leave at home for KNOs?

Things to Bring To KNO:

  • No requirements except the desire to have fun!
  • A water bottle is useful, but a water fountain is available.
  • If a child has significant food allergies or is an extremely picky regarding their food, you are more than welcome to send them with their own pre-prepared food and drinks.
Please do NOT send your child with:
  • Cell Phones/IPad/IPod or similar devices
  • Cash
  • Toys/Stuffed Animals
Note: If your child brings one of these items and you are not still here where they can give it to you, they will have to put it in one of the cubbies which are not secured. Gymtegrity will not be held responsible for the loss of any items.

When should we arrive to sign-in for the KNO?

  • For all children, a parent/guardian/designated caregiver must come in with the child to sign him/her in for the event. Children attempting to check-in without an adult will not be allowed to participate, and we will call you to come back before they are allowed to do so.
  • If you have been to Gymtegrity and a KNO before, please allow 5-10 minutes to sign-in and put belongings away.
  • New clients are asked to allow 10-15 minutes to sign-in, ensure waivers are signed, go over rules, and answer any questions.

Do parents/guardians have to stay?

Our KNOs are drop off events; however, parents/guardians are welcome to stay and watch from the viewing area if they wish.

Can my child take food/drinks in the gym area?

Absolutely no food or drinks are permitted inside of the gym area. There are designated areas for food and drinks.

How do you handle behavior issues at KNOs?

  • Safety and respect are of the utmost importance at Gymtegrity!
  • At no point will a child be physically or verbally punished or isolated and left unsupervised!
  • If a child is exhibiting unsafe behavior s/he will be removed from the situation to discuss the rules again. If a child continues to not adhere to the rules of the KNO (either written or verbally provided), the parent/guardian may be called to pick them up.
  • If it is determined that the child’s presence is detrimental to the group, s/he shall be removed from the KNO activities, placed in a separate but supervised area, and the parent/guardian will be called to pick them up immediately. This includes but is not limited to physical and/or verbal abuse of staff and/or other children by the child, physical, verbal, or relational bullying of other children by the child, and threatening violence towards others.
  • Additionally, no refund will be offered if a child is sent home for disciplinary reasons.

How do I pick-up my child after KNOs?

At the end of the evening, you or a designated caregiver you have given us written permission to allow for pick-up must come in to sign out your child. Children will not be allowed to leave the building because “you are parked outside”. An additional $10 will apply for every 15 minutes if a child is not picked up at the end of the event. If you are more than 30 minutes late picking up your child after the close of the event, and if we have not heard from you or been able to contact you, the appropriate authorities will be notified to assist us in caring for your child until you can be located.